Alice@Wonderland, The Musical

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Jump into a delightful, entertaining world of childhood fantasies.  Alice journeys into a world of talking animals, comic royalty and races where the contestants run in circles.  In this musical adaptation of the favorite tale, audiences will encounter the Mad Hatter’s frantic tea party, the watch-carrying White Rabbit, and talking flowers.  Along the way Alice must deal with a sneezing duchess and a baby that turns into a pig.  Near the end of her adventure Alice begins watching a trial, but she suddenly finds herself the accused!  The play gives a modern view to an old classic, where nonsense makes quite good sense.

This zany musical is our fall youth theater workshop production.  All tickets are priced at the student rate.  Group rates are also available.  Contact us at [email protected] for more information! 

Grab your tickets now, and we'll see you down the rabbit hole!