• Our flexible black box space is open and can be configured to your needs. Contact us to rent the space for your own projects!

  • Our youth workshop productions provide young actors and technicians with training and experience to work together skillfully and with a strong sense of commitment.

  • Our space is ideal for readings, recitals, lectures, classes, and private showings.

  • Bring your school or ensemble to our stage for your recital. Contact us for more information.

  • Join the excitement of our 24-Hour Theaterfest!! September 8th and 15th.

  • Keep your eye on our website for upcoming season information!

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Crazy course opening

We’ve created a new recruiting section, some minor grammatical corrections, and plenty of new user-friendly pages. But mostly it’s just cleaned up and in better order.

Here we will teach you some weird stuff like how to fix dried out dry erase markers and how to brush up on your knowledge of toasters. We hope you enjoy our site as much as we have created it.